Drug-Testing-Consultant-216x300Cameron Stuart is my name.  I specialise in the development of on-site drug testing risk management programs. Of course risk management of alcohol is also a part of such programs.  Frequently downplayed, alcohol should be a key focus of all good drug and alcohol programs.

Being a pioneer of workplace saliva drug testing, now approaching fifteen years of experience, I have personally implemented successful saliva drug testing programs into hundreds of workplaces. This experience, combined with my pursuit of excellence, makes me Australia’s leading specialist in my field. I encourage you to contact me for consulting advice.

I recommend saliva drug testing in 90% of workplaces as it is the only method truly relevant to fitness for work. The choice of urine or saliva testing comes down to your key objectives.  I regularly discuss this issue with my clients.

As it happens, here in Australia we have some of the most progressive and successful  drug testing programs in the world and until now, your only means of advice in this field was to speak to one of the drug & alcohol testing providers.  Unfortunately such providers are usually obligated to offer their own products and services, so may not always offer the best options, or unbiased advice.

Correctly structured, random drug & alcohol testing programs are highly effective.  Contact me and I will be more than happy to explain how one can be tailored to your specific workplace.


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