Drug Testing Contractors and Labour Hire Australia Wide.

Congratulations on finding a provider who can…

Plug you into our existing network of Drug and Alcohol Testing personnel Australia Wide.

Recruit, train and manage one (or more depending upon needs) Drug & Alcohol Testing Technician/s to be located in close proximity to your required site/s.

Represent your brand and business as required.

Perform any necessary drug and alcohol testing at your customer site/s as required.

Ensure drug testing contractors availability 24/7 with response time for incident / suspicion type testing to include arrival at customer site within 1-2 hours of notice.

Maintain supply of equipment as needed.

Provide your preferred format of test reporting documentation within 24 hours of site visits (faster if we can add to our electronic form solution).

When it comes to hiring national Drug Testing Labour, you can count on us!