A Job in Drug & Alcohol Testing

Let us train and qualify you for a job in drug & alcohol testing. Access our network of drug & alcohol testing providers.

Drug Testing Providers

Need a new drug & alcohol tester. Choose from our recruits who have been trained with our specialised course in on-site drug and alcohol testing.


  • Cameron has provided me with advice and implemented successful drug and alcohol programs for three of my businesses over the last 10 years. –S.M, Safety Manager, Brisbane

  • I have found Cameron to always deliver excellent, unbiased advice on the best strategies for managing a drug and alcohol program in the workplace.–M.W, National Safety Manager


Saliva drug testing is the future of drug testing. A well structured Drug and Alcohol Testing Program is a highly effective risk management strategy for Drugs and Alcohol.  Saliva drug testing is relevant to the workplace as it tests for recent use of drugs.

I specialise in Drug and Alcohol Policy Development and can provide this at a fraction of the potential costs for your workplace.

I can also assist my customers to source the following from trusted providers:

    • Saliva drug testing kits
    • Documents and forms for your drug and alcohol testing program
    • Education resources or assistance in developing your workplace training packages



Australia’s only specialist workplace drug testing consultant, Cameron Stuart.


What We Do..

We train and assist anyone who are interested to become a drug tester. Offering our certified drug and alcohol collector course, it is accredited and nationally recognised by the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.

Why We Do It..

With our expertise in the field of drug testing, we want to share our knowledge and train interested individuals as accredited collectors and technicians





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