School Drug Testing – A new direction for Australia?

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I read with interest recent media reports regarding TSS school in Southport QLD.  Their principal Greg Wain has announced he intends to implement random drug testing of students in the coming new term.

Based upon media reports the feedback from students involved and the parents has been positive. The school has correctly advanced this program by consulting with the students and parents involved.  This is a step in the right direction. Misinformation is one of the most common reasons a drug testing program fails to launch – the school appears to be handling this aspect well at this stage.

The challenge now is for the school to ensure all procedures around the testing program are formalised and are workable.  Privacy & confidentiality must be an utmost priority.

It has not been publicised who will conduct the testing and what the specific expectations placed upon students now are.  Proper planning around these aspects are also crucial for the success of the program.

I note media polls online achieved a huge 82% support rating for drug testing in schools.

This may be the beginnings of new acceptance  for school drug testing in Australia.  It is now up to the people who are developing and managing the programs to ensure they are successful.

I plan to offer my consulting services and testing program experience to Australian schools in these early stages free of charge.


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Cameron Stuart has specialised in saliva based workplace drug & alcohol testing programs since 2003. He has personally conducted many thousands of tests and implemented drug & alcohol testing programs into hundreds of workplaces. He consults to workplaces throughout Australia to assist with their drug testing programs.

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